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Sad News from At the Sign of the Dragon [Dec. 29th, 2007|02:42 pm]
Satellite 1


I have just come home to an email from Richard Van Der Voort in which he said:

As many of you will already know Marion was taken ill in early October
and taken by ambulance to Dumfries hospital with what turned out to be
pnuemonia in both lungs. She was very ill at first, then in intensive
care at one point but seemed to be getting gradually better, going first
to an ordinary ward then three weeks ago to a local community hospital
at Newton Stewart. She wanted to come home for Christmas and our GP
agreed, arranging for oxygen, special chair, etc. Marion came home on
Christmas Eve and was enjoying sitting in front of a log fire and
chatting to several friends who phoned up.

Unfortunately she had a relapse in breathing on Christmas Day morning. I
phoned our GP, who had given me his home number, and he came at once and
gave her something to help with her breathing. Unfortunately, Marion's
breathing became steadily poorer, with her slipping into sleep and coma
and she died on the evening of the 26th of December with me, Jamie and
two nurses present. She had told the Doctor she wanted to stay home,
come what may and he supported her completely. The nurses, Doctor, local
friends and people have been very supportive doing everything they could
to help.

Marion is being cremated at her request on Monday the 7th of January at
1pm in Dumfries. It will be a small, private ceremony for family and
close friends. Regarding flowers, apart from those closest to us could
you give a little money to charity instead? Marion's own favorite
charities were the Lifeboat Institute or a charity which helps disabled
service men and their families. If you live outside the British Isles, a
local equivalent or your own preference would be just as good.

The business will be closed until after the funeral. Thereafter I will
carry on as well as I can.

Sad news. Marion will be very much missed.