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PR1 and only!

T-minus 6 days and counting! Satellite 1 is moving towards the launch pad and we hope to see all of you on the day. Careful examination of this spy-satellite photograph referenced will reveal the location of the venue.

Unfortunately Sydney Jordan will not now be able to join us owing to personal circumstances. The Politburo would like to express their regret that he cannot join us and extend our best wishes to him at this time.

However, the rest of the programme, including our Guest of Honour Ken MacLeod, has been given a green light from launch control.

Registration desk opens at 09:30 hours, and the launch is provisionally set for 10:30 hours (pending a weather report). We will be vacating the function space at midnight.

There will be a full day of programme items, including talks, panels, and fun and games. During the day there will be refreshments available, including ale from the Kelburn Brewery. From 11:00 hours, At The Sign Of The Dragon will be selling books, and there will be a small display of fan memorabilia and artwork. (Old Trout members please bring some memorabilia!) There will be an opportunity to have books signed by Ken MacLeod later in the day. After the formal end of the convention, shortly after 19:00, there will be an evening of relaxed entertainment and fun.

And a singing dog.

On the day we will be needing volunteers to help out with gophering and stewarding. We would appreciate it if those members who have already volunteered for at-con tasks and are prepared to move heavy equipment would arrive as early as possible (07:30 hours onwards) to help with the initial set-up.

Programme participants will be contacted by email shortly to confirm their commitments. (Those who do not have email access will get a nice surprise on the day.)

Satellite 1 is happy to welcome hall costumes, as long as any weapons are replicas.

If anyone would like a Satellite 1 T-shirt, these are available in sizes up to XXXL, and cost £17 plus postage and packing where applicable. Orders will be taken on the day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@satellite1.org.uk.


Those convention members who are in Glasgow on Thursday 4th of October are invited to celebrate the actual launch date of Sputnik 1 with the Space Settlers' Society in the Bon Accord Bar, North Street, from 20:00 hours onward (18:00 hours if you wish to order a pre-party meal).

And don't forget that Trout (the local Glasgow fan group) will be meeting on the Thursday following the convention in the Ingram bar in the city centre from 19:00 hours.
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