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Join Satellite 1 before Eastercon and save money!

It has seemed a little quiet here, for various reasons, but that does not mean that we haven't been doing stuff all this time. The programme for Satellite 1 is taking shape, slowly but surely, and memberships are beginning to come in. Here is a reminder of the con rates at the moment:

Child (5-15):£5
Infant (0-4):£1

These rates will increase after Eastercon, so save money and sign up early!

Also remember, this is a con run by fans for fans: we need volunteers, both to help things run smoothly on the day and to suggest/take part in programme items. We are getting a lot of ideas on the science side, which is great, but we need more ideas for fun items and SF-orientated items. Anyone who has an idea or wants to take part in the programme should email: Satellite1.programme@googlemail.com.

Our official web site is now mostly online, with a downloadable membership form, and you can visit it at:

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